The Youth Contract will provide  new opportunities for young people, including apprenticeships and work experience placements. It also marks a substantial increase in the support and help available to young people through the Work Programme, Jobcentre Plus and Sector-Based Work Academies.SESKU Academy will offer young people a full time mentor who will help and support young people through the difficult decisions they make about their future and give them information about what is available and what they can access.


We will also help with travel expenses and offer incentives to young people who attend college , work or apprenticeships for over 6 months some examples of options we offer are provisional driving licence and lessons to help people get their driving licence, we also have shopping vouchers and other cool stuff young people can access for simply achieving their goals and reaching milestones. SESKU Academy believes in rewarding hard work and commitment. Throughout your journey we have trained mentors who will offer support and advice on any other issues or problems that may arise while you are building a positive future.SESKU Academy have worked with young people for many years and have lots of experience in helping young people to achieve their potential, if you are aged 16 – 18 and would like to access some extra support in our local area  remember this is a big decision and we have the time and expertise to help you find the right career. SESKU Academy has lots of facilities young people can use like computer systems, internet and the latest gaming consoles our goal is to create a haven where young people can get the right advice.


SESKU Academy also encourages young people to get involved in our community centre activities like sports , music , training and chillout time, we have facilities that can be used to complete college work in a quite environment away form the noise and distraction many people have from siblings and family members so students can get that important course work completed, our mentors will even offer support and advice on any college work you may be struggling with.

If you think you may need any support or advice to build your future career feel free to get in touch.

Contact: Ryan Redfern (01977)  641461 / (07913) 580570