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Developing Our Community

We help other groups in local area to develop and build services for young and old everyone matters
Burntwood Centre is place everyone is welcome and treated with respect
We aim to make a difference in south east district and help anyone who has similar goals.

Employability Skills

We offer support with C.V building and interview techniques to build confidence
We find you employment
Proven track record of helping people achieve their potential and raise aspirations.

Security Training (SIA)

We run several security course S.I.A in door supervisor and CCTV.
We also give u experience in security to improve your job chances
Interested in a career in security we can help you.

Youth Work / Sports

Structured sports activities
Amazing youth work to build confidence and help young people to have aspirations and goals
Helping young people develop life skills and self respect.

We bring our local community together.

Focusing on making our community a better place for families to engage, develop and grow ,
SESKU Academy strives spectacular on every project

Youth Work

We offer cutting edge youth provision in different contexts, generic youth work, informal education and outreach all aimed to empower young people with skills and confidence to enable them to reach their full potential

Sports Activities

SESKU Academy has lots of structured sports activities like football, basketball, cricket, netball , rounders and other fun sports which are all inclusive and aimed at improving confidence, health and wellbeing.


We have free WIFI throughout the Burntwood Community Centre for people to use who need internet access for various reasons like courses, benefit claims and applying for jobs.

Computer Suite

We have full I.T suite for everyone to use for job searching, courses, training or even social media like facebook and twitter, we have the latest computer equipment running all software packages like Microsoft Office 2013, Photoshop and internet security.We can also offer support on using computer systems and email to improve your skills.

Confidence Courses

We have courses built around improving self-belief, confidence and self-worth to improve aspirations and improve your mind set.Our confidence and assertiveness course is designed to help you broaden your self-confidence and ability to make an impact, develop your communication skills, know yourself better and take charge of your own life in a creative and empowered way

Holiday Clubs

SESKU Academy understands school holidays are hard times for parents when trying to find arrangements for their children due to work commitments whilst these periods are where many children and young people engage in negative activities including crime and anti-social behaviours. Our holiday clubs are designed to meet the needs of parents and children by providing positive activities.

Work Experience

The important thing about work experience is that they provide an opportunity for you to get to grips with working - meeting deadlines and working in a team. While a placement may enhance your knowledge it can also help you find out more about a job or industry and may even open up a paid job opportunity.

Accredited Training

SESKU Academy has lots of accredited courses available covering a range of subjects like, SIA Door Supervisors, Security Guard and CCTV Training, First Aid, Health & Safety,Sports Leaders and CSCS (Construction) all course are free if you are unemployed.

Online Gaming

We have the latest gaming systems like XBOXONE & PS4 and structure competitions to give young people access to technology their parents can't afford all based around fun.
We make things happen in our community

We work hard
to give young people better options in life

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