We have a collection off case studies to show the good work  Talent Match has done to improve the lives of many 18 – 24 year olds.

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Danny Lumb Age 23  (Talent Match 2016)

Luke Sloan Age 20  (Talent Match 2016)

John Gee Age 20  (Talent Match 2016)

Courtney Lindsey Age 20  (Talent Match 2016)

Tom Lloyd Age 20  (Talent Match 2015)

Thanks to the support Tom received at SESKU Academy through Talent Match project he has passed his CBT bike licence and he is now working as an apprentice painter and decorator. When Tom first arrived at SESKU he had no idea what career he wanted and what the future had in store. We worked closely with Tom and gave him important advice and guidance and intense support he needed, he also attendedseveral Level 2 accredited courses which helped boost his confidence and together we worked on plans about his career path. Tom is very happy with the service he received and hopefully he will continue to be successful in the future and says he would recomend the project to his friends and family.


Joshua Hepworth Age 22 (Hemsworth) Talent Match 2014

Josh joined SESKU Academy on the Talent Match Project in February he was very low in confidence and had problems meeting new people and making friends ,through the hard work and commitment Josh has grow in self esteem and gained some important skills and qualifications. Now after all the hard work he put in his life has changed for the better and he now has found full time employment at ASOS in Grimethorpe and has grown as a person.Josh is now enjoying working and is grateful for the support he received at SESKU Academy.