Youth Clubs

We have Holiday Clubs running every school holidays with lots of activities for children to get involved in.

Youth Clubs 5 - 11

SESKU Academy has different youth clubs for certain age groups starting at +5 we have sports, gaming, arts and music to keep the children entertained.

Accredited Training

We have accredited training for age 14+ we deliver Sports Leaders, First Aid and Basic I.T to help build young people's skills.

Youth work

We have lots of youth activities available at SESKU Academy here is a quick outline of whats happening on certain days this plan does change so keep checking website.

Monday 6pm – 9pm   (R.A.P.I.D.S.)

R.A.P.I.D.S. is an acronym for Responsibility, Attitude, Potential, Iceberg, Defining Moments and Special.

This 6 week informal education programme is to empower, encourage and educate young people through adolescence and into adulthood. Maths, English and Science are important, however, equally or perhaps even more important are lessons in life.

If you want to put your name down for the next workshop or for more details see Craig.

Tuesday – Generic Youth Work 5pm – 7pm 5-11 yrs and 7pm – 9pm 12-16 yrs. XBOX1, PlayStation4, Pool, Sports, Arts and Crafts and much more.

Wednesday – Older age youth club, 6pm – 9pm 16-19 yrs XBOX1, PlayStation4, Pool, Sports and much more.

Thursday – Generic Youth Work 5pm – 7pm 5-11 yrs and 7pm – 9pm 12-16 yrs. XBOX1, PlayStation4, Pool, Sports, Arts and Crafts and much more.

Friday – Last Friday of the month Movie night, 4:30 – 6:30 5-11 yrs and 6:30 – 8:30 12-16yrs. (Can we have some suggestions for the movies please and then we can have a vote on which ones we watch)

Come and join in the fun!

Generic Youth Work

SESKU  Academy youth workers promote the personal, educational and social development of young people aged between 13 and 19, although in some cases they may extend this to those aged 11 to 13 and 19 to 25. Our programmes aim to engage young people, value opinions and empower individuals to take action on issues affecting their lives, including health, education, unemployment and the environment, by developing positive skills and attitudes.



SESKU Academy youth workers respond to the needs and interests of the young people and work in a range of environments such as youth centres, schools, colleges and Youth Offending Teams. Methods include supporting recreational activities, providing advice and counselling, sometimes in an outreach setting.


SESKU Academy Youth workers aim to help young people achieve the aims and outcomes of the government guidelines contained in “EVERY CHILD MATTERS”, which are that children and young people should:
• Be Healthy.
• Be Safe.
• Enjoy and Achieve.
• Make a Positive Contribution.
• Achieve Economic Well-Being.
Our Youth workers’ roles vary greatly, but typical activities involve:
• Managing and administering youth and community projects and resources.
• Assessing the needs of young people, and planning and delivering programmes related to areas such as health, fitness, smoking, drugs, relationships and bullying.
• Running arts-based activities, community / environmental projects, residential activities, outdoor education and sporting activities.
• Befriending and supporting individuals in various settings.
• Mentoring and supporting individuals to encourage social inclusion.
• Offer counselling to individuals.
• Undertaking administrative tasks, verifying information and responding to queries.
• Meeting, liaising and networking with police, educational establishments, social services, Youth Offending Teams and other agencies to address issues and promote opportunities for young people.
• Working with parents and community groups to win support for improved provision and acting as an advocate for young people’s interests.

1-communityDetached Youth Work

Detached youth work is a separate form of work with young people. As with all youth work it uses the principles and practices of informal education to engage young people in constructive discussions, within a broad agenda of personal and social development. The work is dependent on mutual trust and respect and responds to the needs of young people. The starting point of the relationship between the worker and the young person is mutual acceptance.

ypouth work

Detached youth work is, above all, about working flexibly. As workers don’t have to look after buildings they can use their location flexibility to best meet the needs of young people.

The success of youth work comes from making good judgments in relation to these risks. Pushing too hard can distance young people. Not pushing enough can fail to challenge and inspire them. The agenda must, therefore, emerge from a mutually respectful relationship.

SESKU Academy promotes the following aims of good detached youth work:


• Be a driving force for social change and social action, rather than social control.
• Respect the voluntary nature of the relationship between the worker and young person.
• Through negotiation and dialogue, challenge young people’s attitudes and behaviour where they impact negatively on themselves and others.
• Support meaningful participation of young people in political decision making processes and ensure their voices are heard.
• Support the progressive personal development of all young people towards self advocacy through learning.
The role of a SESKU Academy detached youth worker is:
• To establish positive relationships with young people based on mutual trust and respect by going to where they are and engaging with them on a personal level.
• To gain the confidence, trust and respect of the young people.
• Is skilled in gaining respect in the community and from other agencies in order to advocate effectively for young people whose views may conflict with the agencies.
• Sees young people operating without any constraints on their behaviour and can be present when critical incidents occur. They are aware of the extent to which they can exert control over the environment.
• Is part of the social and physical environment that young people inhabit and, therefore, can better understand the effect this has on them.
• Has to be able to deal with the specific demands of approaching young people in their own space and negotiating acceptance by the group in that space.
• Encourages young people to participate voluntarily in the process of assessment, monitoring, evaluation and delivery of the service.
• Has a grasp of the local political structure and understands how to enable young people to engage with it.



 SESKU Academy youth workers are qualified at diploma level in Youth & Community Development. Ultimately, our staff are dedicated professionals who work to ensure that every young person feels they have a place to belong, where their voice is heard and where they are valued and respected as individuals