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Young people form the SESKU area are isolated and excluded from activities due to the predominantly rural nature of the communities, and the high levels of deprivation which makes cost and travel impossible for many. Young people need local activities that improve their personal development and strengthen the social attributes of the community. Young Peoples Future will enable children and young people to have opportunities that would otherwise not be available to access. These children and young people are isolated and socially excluded. They are disengaged from fulfilling life chances mainly due to lack of confidence, low levels of self esteem and self worth and low aspirations and goals achievements, which in turn leads to low educational attainment, low level mental health issues and issues with future employability. Many young people come from family backgrounds where unemployment, long term health conditions, crime, violence and drugs and alcohol abuse are common.

The area has high numbers of takeaways and fast food cafes , which has led to many children and young people becoming above a healthy weight and developing childhood obesity. This has given the Academy staff and management a clear indicator that a project is needed to address the nutrition and health issues in the SESKU area.Having consulted with people living in the community and working alongside these individuals for the last 5 years, it has come to our attention that many of the young people have a learning disability or long term health condition such as ADHD, Autism and Aspergers. Also many have experienced drug / alcohol misuse within their home environment, have witnessed or been victims of crime and / or anti-social behavior or have been in trouble with the police themselves. A large number are not doing so well at school, have poor attendance records and a history of exclusions. Perhaps the most striking disadvantage that these young people face is their lack of self worth, confidence and aspiration or hope for the future, most have a lack of trust in adults and ‘don’t care’ about many things. The health of young people is also an issue as indicators show that this area is amongst the worst for young persons obesity rates in the Wakefield District.We believe at SESKU Academy although the area is rated with such poor statistics that we can change the face of the community and beyond, by enabling children and young people to build their futures. Young Peoples Future will ensure that young peoples dreams and goals can be achieved and  give them hope and determination to succeed in life by raising there positive participation levels and building on their resilience. We want to enhance their social, sporting and employment opportunities and give them a future.

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YOUNG PEOPLES FUTURE PROJECT   (Funded through BIG Lottery Fund)


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big-lottery-fund LOGO3  Years on…This innovative Project funded through the Big Lottery Fund for  a period of 5 years is being delivered from September 2011 – September 2016. The Aim of the Young Peoples Future is: To improve Health, Well-being and the employability skills of young people living in the South Elmsall, South Kirkby and Upton communities. Through the delivery of young peoples and employment support services. This has been done through delivering a project that reaches the people that otherwise would be left with little or no support. We aim to change lives and help shape the futures of deprived young people living in the South Elmsall, South Kirkby and Upton areas. Young Peoples Future overall, the first 3 years of this project has run very well and we are extremely happy with the positive results we have been receiving and the impact it has been having on young people and local residents and other stakeholders.

Outcome 1 Achieved : 207 Young People have achieved a Level 2 qualification

Outcome 2 Achieved : 816 Young People have improved knowledge of healthy eating

Outcome 3 Achieved : 1415 Young People have attended the sessions

Outcome 4 Achieved : 178 Young People have joined a sports/activity club as a result of the project.