SESKU Academy have been successfully running a “Fun Fitness & Nutrition Programme” since January 2009 to encourage children to become more physically active, particularly children who do not achieve health goals. We believe that children enjoying exercise is key if they are to reap the subsequent health benefits and rewards in the future. Our aim for this programme is to encourage children to become more physically active and understand the values of health and nutrition. Our belief is that it is essential for children to find physical activity fun, engaging and mentally stimulating in order for them to gain maximum benefit.
The importance of traditional sports such as football and adventurous sports such as dodge ball cannot be under played. Children and young people who do not currently participate in physical activities are missing out on great opportunities and characteristics that can be embedded from a young age, such as:
  • Confidence
  • Team Working Skills
  • Health and Fitness Knowledge
  • Socialisation
  • Fair Play and Respect

The project has so far reached over 2000 children during the past 21 months.

So far, the outcomes which we have achieved are:

Fun Fitness & Nutrition Programme Monitoring : School Year 2009-2011


Specific Aims
Outcomes to be Achieved
     Numbers Achieved During the Programme
Aim 1: Increase Physical Activity Levels in Children 300 Children 287 Children
Aim 2: Improved Diet and Nutrition Knowledge 300 Children 423 Children
Aim 3: Improve Attitude Towards a Healthy Lifestyle 200 Children 425 Children
Aim 4: Increase Portions of Fruit and Vegetables to be Eaten Daily 100 Children 251 Children
Aim 5: Increase Numbers of Participation in Sports Clubs 50 Children 97 Children


The courses SESKU Academy offers to schools are as follows:

The twelve week fun fit programme covers a wide range of sports and activities, to develop, maintain and improve children’s health and fitness. Over the twelve week period children will also be taught the importance of a healthy diet covering such things as food diary’s and improving knowledge and understanding of the NHS ‘five a day’.
On completion of the twelve week programme children will improve on wide range of skills which are essential to develop young people for future life. Such as Team work, Balance, Coordination, Agility, Flexibility, Sport specific skills and techniques, Listening and communication skills, Leadership and Sportsmanship qualities, Confidence and understanding the importance of warm-ups, stretches and cool downs.

The program will include the following sports:

  • Football
  • Football Rounder’s
  • Dodge-ball
  • Quick cricket
  • Boxercise
  • Tag Rugby / Bull Dog
  •  Hockey
  • Athletics (races)
  • Circuit Training
  • Self Defence
  • Health Fitness and Nutrition Theory / NHS 5 a day

The twenty four week program covers the same sports and activities as the twelve week program however

each sport / activity will have two sessions. This allows for progression sessions to take place which
will advance further knowledge and understanding of individual sports / activities. Follow up sessions
are advantages as class members have mixed abilities and these sessions allow more focused coaching to
ensure children with less ability have the opportunity progress and feel a part of a social circle.

The first session for cricket as an example will be skills and technique focused,
learning throwing, catching, fielding and batting skills using different game formats.
The second session would start with a recap of the previous session with input from the
class members to ensure their understanding of the sport and skills gained.
After this the class would take part in a cricket match or tournament.
This format helps develop the class further in all aspects of sport and allows for a
greater development in key skills as explained in the twelve week programme.

The thirty six week program will allow each individual sport to be experienced three times.

This allows for a much more in-depth development of each sport. The first session would cover
the fundamentals of a “sport”, the second session will cover fundamentals into skills.
The final sessions will cover from skills into game and end product. All these aspects
are covered in the 12 and 24 week programs but obviously more time spent on each sport
results in better performance, understanding and success rate into joining future teams
and the benefits an individual can gain from being part of a team.

As you will be aware with any project paperwork, stationary, admin, managerial costs,
travel, equipment maintenance, wages all need to be taken into account. Taking into
account the information that has just been mentioned, on average, our sports coaches
can deliver to 4 alternative schools a day.