School is the best place for most children to learn, but for some children, an education outside of school can be the most appropriate option.

Education outside of school, when it is arranged by LAs or schools is called alternative provision. It can range from pupil referral units (PRUs) and further education colleges to voluntary or private-sector projects.

‘Alternative provision’, ‘alternative education’ and ‘alternative education provision’ are all ways to describe provision for pupils outside mainstream and special school.

Schools can arrange alternative provision for their pupils as part of their wider strategies for reducing exclusions. For pupils who are disengaged or disaffected, or otherwise at risk of exclusion, alternative provision can help improve motivation and address problems that could lead to them being excluded. This can include spending some time in a PRU, placements in FE colleges, vocational training or projects run by the voluntary or private

SESKU Academy’s Alternative provision programme is now in its 2nd year of running. Every year we successful pass all quality assurance and safe guarding children inspections to deliver this project. Our project consists of a 12 week programme, lasting 1 full day a week (e.g. every Tuesday for 12 weeks).

During these 12 weeks, the students will gain the following QCF

  • Activity First Aid
  • Sports Leaders UK Level 1

They will also gain a diploma in Self Defence as we are registered with the Self Defence Federation
but this is not on the QCF database. On the final session, as a reward for the good work, they get a fun day out; previous trips have involved Canoeing or a trip to York Dungeons, etc.