Craig has been on SESKU Academy board of directors for many years and has helped out at many events and helped develop and build projects. Craig attended SESKU Academy on fieldwork placement during his youth worker degree at Leeds University. Craig played an important role on our board of directors and gave general advice on improving certain projects.



Craig started working for SESKU Academy on a temporary basis when a staff member left the company to pursue a career in HGV driving. Craig’s attitude to youth work was amazing and he brought some fresh ideas and built good relationships to the youth clubs and young people who use our services. Craig has also developed young volunteers and has co ordinated and nominated youth reps to help give young people a voice and plan more activities and day trips bring innovation to the Young people’s future project.



Craig made a huge impact at SESKU Academy and helped build on existing projects and made some good improvements to the skills he had learnt on his youth work degree. He has helped SESKU improve and grow in certain areas. Craig also spent time training a new member of staff to take over his job role. SESKU Academy helped Craig gain some other skills through training and development like risk and resilience, safeguarding and PTTLS which has allowed him to now started working in local schools at a supply Teacher which is the career Craig has always been interested in the local community and we are excited for his new career and wish him all the best for his future.