Case Study: Bethany Lumb 17 Years


Beth pictured with SESKU Secret                                          Beth taking Zumba class



Beth was getting in trouble with the Police regularly and her parents were constantly worried about her. She once got arrested by the South Yorkshire police in Doncaster and was made to do community service in the Kinsley area. No matter how her parents tried to help her, she didn’t take any notice of them and continued to be the way she was. She started drinking on the streets regularly and shouting abuse at all passers by. While Beth was still in school, she was truanting at least 2 times a week and getting put in to isolation and detentions. Her attitude towards school was very negative and didn’t seem to care about her future. But when she left school, she started to attend our youth club and project and started working closely with SESKU Academy staff members.

Since then, she has stopped drinking, is no longer getting into trouble and was working alongside us here at SESKU Academy helping to teach dance and zumba classes and to run youth clubs. She then left us and got herself a job at ‘The Original Factory Shop’ and her future is looking great

“Adam and the rest of the SESKU Team have been great and have helped me to sort my life out and get back on track. They also put me through my Zumba Instructor course which has boosted my confidence and increased my initiative to try harder at life to achieve my goals!”