Health and Nutrition Advisor

“Being a Well Being Advisor for 8 years I have recently started my own business Booty Camp  based at Northfield Community Centre, South Kirkby. My main focus is helping educate local people to a  healthier, happier lifestyle for them and their families.

“Having been a resident of the SESKU area for 34 years, I have witnessed many good and bad issues in the community. Such as the closure of the coalmines in 1984 which had a massive impact on the SESKU community and affected my dad as he was made redundant. Then came along the Next Warehouses and distribution which replaced the pit to support local people with employment. Now Frickley Park has been transformed in to a beautiful landscape for dog walkers, runners and cyclists and encourages people in the community to be more active.

Although there has been some positives come from the negatives I have spoke about, recently there has been a closure of our local swimming pool with an outcome of more jobless local people and local people’s activity levels decreasing.  Having always been in the fitness industry and working for Nuffield Health, I saw the work that SESKU Academy was doing for our community and wanted to become a part of it by getting the community active again.

Looking to the future I have plans to offer my skills and knowledge to run sessions which benefit local people’s health and well being. I am planning to run a number of different sessions from Fit Toddler sessions, Fit Kidz 5-12 years, Teenager Group Fitness and over 50’s exercise class to help make improvements to peoples health and well-being”.

Sally’s Qualifications:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Physical Training
  • Level 3 Diploma in Exercise for Children
  • Level 3 Employment and Awareness
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • CPD Kettlebell Instructor
  • CPD Studio Cycling
  • Level 2 Skills in Application of Numbers