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Current Projects
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Talent Match Video


Talent Match is targeting young people who are furthest from the jobs market, including those who are completely outside of the benefits, work and training system and facing severe barriers to gaining the skills they need to get into work. More Info

Due to the important work we have done in the community working with young people on Talent Match and Youth Contract some young people asked if we would sponsor their football team and  help them purchase a new strip as this was a positive outcome and we encourage young people to engage in sports and fitness we immediately gave our support and helped Valley Knights football club who play in the Barnsley league every Sunday morning to buy a full strip and we will continue to follow and support this team in any aspect we can and also continue to work with local people so they can achieve their full potential in life.

We have recently supported young people to attend a security training course through Talent Match Program in June 2016, we are really impressed that all learners have passed and some have even gained employment in security / steward work which is brilliant news well done.

Talent Match (Big Lottery)

We recently ran a security course for the young people aged 18 -25 on Talent Match Program , they have all passed their exams and some have even gained employment working in security / stewards so well done guys.



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SESKU Academy worked hard to help local teens have a great time on N.C.S and even created an amazing Garden for the disabled groups and families that use the Burntwood Community Centre the local paper heard about the good work and wanted to follow this story read the full paper report from the Hemsworth & South Elmsall Express here.

The area has high numbers of takeaways and fast food cafes , which has led to many children and young people becoming above a healthy weight and developing childhood obesity. This has given the Academy staff and management a clear indicator that a project is needed to address the nutrition and health issues in the SESKU area.Having consulted with people living in the community and working alongside these individuals for the last 5 years, it has come to our attention that many of the young people have a learning disability or long term health condition such as ADHD, Autism and Aspergers. Also many have experienced drug / alcohol misuse within their home environment, have witnessed or been victims of crime and / or anti-social behavior or have been in trouble with the police themselves. A large number are not doing so well at school, have poor attendance records and a history of exclusions. Perhaps the most striking disadvantage that these young people face is their lack of self worth, confidence and aspiration or hope for the future, most have a lack of trust in adults and ‘don’t care’ about many things. The health of young people is also an issue as indicators show that this area is amongst the worst for young persons obesity rates in the Wakefield District.We believe at SESKU Academy although the area is rated with such poor statistics that we can change the face of the community and beyond, by enabling children and young people to build their futures. Young Peoples Future will ensure that young peoples dreams and goals can be achieved and  give them hope and determination to succeed in life by raising there positive participation levels and building on their resilience. We want to enhance their social, sporting and employment opportunities and give them a future.

SESKU Academy works hard to make sure our staff members get opportunities to attend quality training and gain important experiences so they can support and coach people to the highest standards. We have recently attended a Diploma in Personal Performance Training / Youth Impact Coaching course which has both inspired staff and improved our delivery standards.




About SESKU Academy

SESKU Academy is a registered charity (Charity No.1143258) and company limited by guarantee (Company No. 7667653) formed on the 13th June 2011 and based at the Burntwood Community Centre in South Kirkby.


We are proud to announce we have been given a gold standard for Youth unemployment and a Work Experience Quality Standard.Unemployment has been a major an issue in the UK since 2005, and although recently the youth unemployment figures  have started to reduce the number of young people NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) is still too high.  Worse still the number of young people experiencing long term youth unemployment is increasing we have been working hard to support young people to make the right choices and follow their ambitions and dreams through projects like Youth Contract a partnership with Connections to give young people extra support and reward them for achieving by helping with things like driving licences and lessons we have been selected to receive the national Youth Friendly badge  award that is given to companies who commits to two forms of “Youth Friendly” behavior a year we are very proud and hope we can continue to support more young people in the Wakefield district.

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We have started working to support Interserve by funding Level 2 Door Supervisor training and work experience to help people find employment in the security industry. Through continued support and guidance we have boosted their confidence and self esteem and improved work ethics and attitudes towards working. We currently have 4 referrals onsite doing security based tasks and they have also helped to build a laser quest zone for young people and SESKU Academy thinks we can achieve some good outcomes and hopefully we will help more people in the district to find employment.

Young people need the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world and work and gain as much experience as possible so that when they begin to look for permanent work they are work ready and that there are employment opportunities for them.

At SESKU Academy we want to see businesses of all sizes and sectors stepping up to help young people, without this support we will continue to hear of growing skills gaps and high levels of youth unemployment.

SESKU Academy currently has 8 paid staff and 6 volunteers. The Charity was established to develop the South East District of Wakefield. SESKU Academy is a Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) approved centre no. 10629. Enabling the delivery of work related accredited qualifications to its beneficiaries.


The charity delivers young people’s support services, sports and activities plus full support with employment and training for unemployed people 16 – 25 years. Partnerships with Prospects, National Careers Service, Wakefield Council’s Public Health, Youth Development and Support Service, Job Centre Plus, Young Lives Consortium and NOVA Wakefield and Your Consortium Ltd; have been established to meet SESKU Academy’s aims and objectives.


  The South East of Wakefield where the charity operates has been identified through the local authority and central government as an unemployment hotspot, which is the reason the charity was formed. The Academy also aims to address health inequalities throughout the South East of Wakefield through the provision of its services, sports and employment delivered through its projects. The Academy works directly with people seeking employment and job related training, through offering paid work, volunteering opportunities and experience for students through university fieldwork placements for youth and community development workers.

This is a small selection of the services and projects we have run at SESKU Academy over the last 4 years.

please check out our YouTube or Talent Match Facebook page for more videos and up to date information.

We have also been supporting  the unemployed who are aged over 24 who are not able to access support on Talent Match. We dont currently  receive any funding for these adults but they need our support and help. We get referrals from Job Center Plus and offer options like SIA security training, CSCS training and we fund their licence so they can join the labor market.

Its aims and objectives are of a social benefit to the wider community for example working with Primary schools to address childhood obesity through delivering progressive exercise and nutrition programmes in partnership with the Public Health 5 a day team. Delivering accredited courses for young people classified as not in education or employment (NEET). Developing and renovating community facilities that offer safe environments for community groups and social enterprises to establish their services and projects, serving the wider community. SESKU Academy has an experienced and enthusiastic staff team. The Team has successfully completed numerous qualifications with regards to working with community development, children, young people, adults and social enterprise development.

Some of the qualifications our staff have include:

  • Community Development & Youth Studies Degree
  • Youth and Community Development Diploma
  • Highfield HABC Tutor
  • Sports Leader Tutor
  • Train the Trainer
  • Level 2 Sports Coaching Qualifications
  • Health Related Exercise for Children
  • Childhood Obesity Instructor
  • First Aid Assessor
  • Self Defence Assessor
  • SIA Security and CCTV Tutor

SESKU Academy’s Staff Team have a wide range of qualifications, skills and experience which enables the charity to deliver a wide range of programmes and projects that support the positive development of children and young people. For further information on the charity staff team please see About UsOur Staff. SESKU Academy Charities ultimate goal is to do whatever we can to help our organisation achieve our mission statement.

“Valuing People, Improving Lives, Strengthening Future Communities”





75%60 out of 79 / 16 - 18 Age Group Into College
35%42 out of 118 / Unemployed 24 - 65 Age Groups Back To Work
63%124 out of 180 / 16 - 24 Age Groups Into Training
91%191 out of 210 / 18 - 65 Year Olds Gain Qualifications
38%50 out of 132 / 18 - 24 Years Olds Into Employment
Why Choose Us
SESKU Academy works hard to make sure young people have a place to engage in sports and activities to help them grow and improve.
We offer lots of accredited training in various subjects like Security (SIA) , First Aid & Health & Safety all these skills improve chances of employment.
At SESKU we aim to help unemployed people find jobs or training courses, we offer support with C.V building and interview techniques to improve confidence.
We run holiday clubs in school holidays to give children a chance to get involved in various activities and trips, the main idea is based around fun and the kids love it.
Young people form the SESKU area are isolated and excluded from activities due to the predominantly rural nature of the communities, and the high levels of deprivation which makes cost and travel impossible for many. Young people need local activities that improve their personal development and strengthen the social attributes of the community. Young Peoples Future will enable children and young people to have opportunities that would otherwise not be available to access. These children and young people are isolated and socially excluded. They are disengaged from fulfilling life chances mainly due to lack of confidence, low levels of self esteem and self worth and low aspirations and goals achievements, which in turn leads to low educational attainment, low level mental health issues and issues with future employability. Many young people come from family backgrounds where unemployment, long term health conditions, crime, violence and drugs and alcohol abuse are common.
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